400 million people lack access to basic healthcare

We are constantly inspired by the individuals who dream of improving the lives of those in their local communities.

The Kisimiri Project is dedicated to providing these individuals with financial support, operational guidance, and technology to improve access to quality healthcare in their communities.
San Francisco
The Kisimiri Project is based in San Francisco Our team looks for opportunities to work directly with local contacts to fund and execute on projects that improve access to healthcare in their local areas.
Shortly after the April 2015 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal, Caesar and Gyatri Rana requested funding to set-up a temporary clinic which provided thousands of people in Kathmandu with clean water, medicine and basic trauma care.
Kisimiri Juu
Kisimiri Juu is the site of our pilot health clinic. We are currently working to develop a technolgy enabled clinic that allows for access to quality care by creating a system that allows minimally trained local staff to provide basic care, with support for more advanced care using virtual services.

Construction on the clinic in Kisimiri Juu will be completed in July 2016.
The Kisimiri Project San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
Raphael Joel
Raphael Joel
Raphael is the TKP local coordinator for Tanzania. His vision to improve the lives of his Masaai tribe in Kisimiri Juu inspired our first clinic project.
Max Von Euw
Max Von Euw
While teaching in Tanzania at the Kisimiri Secondary School as part of a TKP project, Max helped Raphael to set the foundation for the Kisimiri Juu clinic.
John Kong
John Kong
John, our resident expert in pharmacy, helps to guide the creation of TKP’s healthcare delivery infrastructure.
Trevor Squier
Trevor Squier
Trevor founded TKP and manages day-to-day operations as well as guides overall strategy.
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Isaiah Mojica
Isaiah Mojica
Isaiah is a student at UC San Diego. He became involved in TKP after witnessing first hand the issues that Tanzanians face with regards to healthcare.
Isaiah Mojica Channel Swim
The Channel
Congratulations to Isaiah who completed his swim on July 14th, crossing the English Channel in 12:44!
Seated in a lounge on the second story of Kilimanjaro International Airport, I was asked a question that I had been considering ever since I came down from the mountain.

“So, what’s next?” Trevor asked me.

I paused for a second, wondering if I really knew what I was getting myself into by answering the question. “I’m going to swim the English Channel,” I replied.

“You’re crazy!” he said chuckling.

But considering what had transpired in the past week, nothing seemed crazy. There was something life-changing about the experience I had in Tanzania. I discovered something about myself, and I discovered something about the Tanzanian people. On the one hand, I had seen the problems: the shoddy state of the buildings and homes, the extreme difficulty obtaining medication unless you have money, and the very obvious lack of information about healthcare. On the other, I had seen the kindness and determination and hope of the people. I had seen the desire of the Tanzanians for something greater, despite the difficult circumstances. And it was with these things in mind that I returned to the States.

Fast forward one year. The deposit for a boat has been put down, my swim trunks are bleached from the seawater and sun, and only a few training swims are left before the attempt. I am perhaps still a bit crazy, but it is my hope that this craziness will help give back to those who have already given me so much. It is because of this that I am dedicating my swim to The Kisimiri Project.
If you would like to support this swim, please see the Contribute section above.